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William Joyner

VP of Operations

​Cambium Learning

(Prior Service NCO - U.S. Army)

​Dear Sir or Madam

I want to take this opportunity to offer my recommendation of the services provided to our customers over a number of years. At Voyager Learning, we believe teachers matter, students matter and results matter. With these always in mind, our Partners also matter. We choose partners and service providers who also believe that each teacher, student, and shipment to them is the most important one. My team found that philosophy in Advantage Global Logistics, Inc.

Advantage Global Logistics was able to coordinate the shipment of materials to our customers from the Voyager warehouse and/or direct shipments from our vendor's and suppliers location's. Since our customers are schools, this often required coordination of school session days, holidays, individual school or teacher needs, summer school, etc. Advantage Global Logistics specializes in developing, implementing and operating door to door distribution programs. Their services provide international and domestic inbound consolidation, pick-pack, domestic and international distribution. Advantage's experience allowed Voyager to act immediately on special project implementation, training sessions, exhibits, and conferences, meeting critical time sensitive deadlines when needed.

​To support the DoD Summer Schools, Advantage Global Logistics, as our designated partner, successfully secured worldwide partners and managed DoD contract distribution programs on military bases in the Americas, Europe, and the Pacific. We alwys met time sensitive contract deadlines with defined start date and funding completion date.

Advantage Global Logistics was instrumental in our Reverse Logistics/RMA Program. They coordinated with schools to schedule the pickup of materials to be returned, assist on site where needed with boxing/packing and preparation of shipping paperwork. Advantage Global Logistics also monitored the details of coordinating with consignee that all cartons, box's, pallets, paperwork are marked properly for inspection/reconciliation upon return and making sure that the associated shipping documentation reflected the reference numbers necessary for the recipient to properly process the shipment (e.g. - issue credit, return to inventory, etc.)


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Tracy Roberts                                                                         Owner / President

Creative Concept International, LLC.           

As the owner of manufactured product lines that are distributed to major retailers around the world, I want to take the opportunity to offer my recommendation of the services provided by Advantage Global Logistics, Inc. Advantage has provided consistent, dependable services from our manufacturing facilities in China to distribution centers for major retailers nationwide such as Walmart, Costco, Sears and others, as well as single shipments delivering to homes or businesses.  Advantage Global Logistics, Inc. specializes in developing, implementing and operation door to door distribution programs.  Their services provide international and domestic inbound consolidation, pick-pack, domestic and international distribution.  Advantage's warehousing experiences allows our companies to act immediately on special project implementation.

Gary McKenzie                    Corporate Vice President

AMTREX Global Logistics

Advantage Global Logistics managed and executed, on behalf of AMTREX and its customer, a significant DOD distribution program for our client where deliveries of time-sensitive curriculum materials were required to be delivered to military bases around the world.  This was a high-touch logistics program where definitive proof of delivery to the intended recipient was required. Even as the program expanded rapidly and continued well beyond the initial distribution, Advantage flawlessly executed.

​It is without hesitation that I recommend Advantage Global Logistics.  If the need for such a managed distribution program arises again, Advantage is the first and only company on my list

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