SIC Code     
SIC Description
 NAICS Code 
Railroads482Rail transportation
4011Railroad, line-haul482111Freight railways - line-haul
421Trucking and courier services, except air484Truck transportation
4212Local trucking without storage484110Trucking, general freight, local (except used goods) 
 4212Local trucking without storage484220Specialized freight, trucking, local, flatbed
4213Trucking, except local484121Trucking, general freight, long-distance T/L
4213Trucking, except local
484122Trucking, general freight, long-distance LTL
4213Trucking, except local
484230Specialized freight trucking, long-distance
4214Local trucking with storage
484110Trucking, general freight, local (except used goods)
4214Local trucking with storage
484220Specialized freight, trucking, local, flatbed
4215Courier services, except by air492210Local parcel pickup and/or delivery
422Public warehousing and storage493Warehousing and storage
4222Refrigerated warehouse and storage493120

Refrigerated warehouse and storage 

4225General warehouse and storage493110

 General warehouse and storage


Special warehouse and storage

(not elsewhere classified)


Special warehouse and storage
(not elsewhere classified) 

441Deep sea foreign transportation of freight483Water transportation
4412Deep sea foreign transportation of freight

Deep sea freight transportation to or from

foreign ports

451Air transportation, scheduled, and air couriers481Air transportation
4512Air transportation, scheduled481112Freight carriers (except air couriers), air, scheduled
4513Air courier services492110Freight carriers (couriers), air, scheduled
452Air transportation, non-scheduled481Air transportation
4522Air transportation, non-scheduled
481212Freight transportation, air, non-scheduled

Arrangement of transportation of

freight and cargo

488Support activities for transportation services

Arrangement of transportation of

freight and cargo


Agents, shipping, customs brokers,

freight forwarders

478Packing and crating488Support activities for transportation services
4783Packing and crating

Preparing goods for transportation

(i.e.. packing and crating)

874Management consulting services541Management consulting services
8742Management consulting services

Customs, freight rate auditing, freight

rate negotiations, logistics management,

physical distribution, tariff rate information

and transportation management services

Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC) Codes


North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes

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