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Advantage Global Logistics, Inc.

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AGL Warehouse & Storage

AGL International Shipping

AGL delivers worldwide to more than 200 countries and offer all international services including warehousing and special project handling. When your shipment delivers outside the U.S., AGL's technologies and our people are managing the process. Let AGL remove the anxiety from international shipping. AGL Technologies lets you create shipping documents electronically for customs clearance, making it easier to ensure that your shipments do not "get hung up" in customs and deliver to your customer on time. If you need help preparing your shipment, our advanced systems technology will work for your, providing assistance "before it ships" and "after it ships" with near real-time reporting on shipment status anywhere around the globe..

AGL Domestic Shipping

When your customers are waiting for shipments, you can count on AGL's Customer Service Professionals who consider "your shipment" - "their shipment". You and your customers can depend on AGL to get your shipments to the right place at the right time.


The simplest definition of a 3PL is a company that works with shippers to manage their logistics operations. Logistics can include elements of warehousing, transportation management software, freight rate negotiation, in-depth reporting, forecasting, freight bill auditing and much more. There are literally thousands of 3PLs in today's market that have different models and perform different tasks.

A standard full-service 3PL will provide services across multiple industries. Those services will include auditing freight bills, reducing freight rates, reporting and technology in the form of a Transportation Management System (TMS). A co-managed 3PL will bring you these same services but leave the decision making up to you. A standard 3PL will bring best practices but make their own decisions of how to manage your logistics function.

Advantage Global Logistics, Inc. is a standard full service 3PL, however co-managed services are offered as well. 


Advantage Global Logistics, Inc.

"Commitment to Excellence"

"Our mission is to provide unparalleled service and technology at a competitive price thus providing our customers an "Advantage" in today's  global business environment."

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we've built our reputation of excellence in shipping and logistics, with a constant focus on serving our customers.

Advantage Global Logistics is a global third party logistics company with a team of  knowledgeable professionals.  When combined, Advantage Global Logistics management team possesses more than 75 years of experience in international logistics.

 We leverage this vast knowledge, commitment to service and expertise to give your business the competitive edge required to grow in today's challenging business climate.

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advantage global logistics, inc. is dedicated to providing the timely pickup and delivery of your goods around the globe.

AGL will provide your company a competitive edge, no matter the nature of your transportation need.  Whether your need is a single mode of transportation or optimizing your entire supply chain, AGL delivers the highest level of service possible.  AGL also offers additional low cost Cargo Insurance to protect the value of your product..

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