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User-Based Visibility: HALO was designed to provide information to those who need it in a way that they need it. With a powerful multi-dimensional ability to segment information based upon a specific user's role (transportation manager, customer, accounting, customer service, etc) HALO has the ability to equip all individuals within and related to an entire enterprise with the specific shipment information that relates to them.

Business Intelligence: HALO transforms transportation data into meaningful information so that transportation managers, customer service, and inventory control (and others) can see all shipments with all carriers in motion via single interface.  If you want to know how your carriers are performing at any particular point in time, just look a HALO! If everything is green, there are no issues. If not, you'll know exactly which shipment(s) are distressed.

File Management: You can attach pictures, PDF's, insurance/claim related information, and other documentation (such as a copy of the BOL) to the HALO shipment record so that it is always available when a shipment matter needs to be researched.

Total In-Transit Visibility:The HALO dashboard offers a concentric view within a single interface of all shipments moving with all carriers. More than just Pickup and POD, HALO shows every scan and segment entry made by each carrier throughout the transit life-cycle of a shipment (origin-to destination). When integrated, HALO can even provide the information related to the product inside each shipment.


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EDI Automation: HALO is its own EDI subsystem. meaning there is no need for a VAN to translate EDI data from your carriers and partners. HALO receives EDI directly from carriers and supply chain partners. HALO can also send EDI to your customers, partners or internal systems. There's no need to map 50 carrier EDI feeds to your various system needs. HALO will do the work and every carrier will map automatically.

Exception Management: Within HALO's centralized dashboard, on-screen alerts will appear for distressed shipments.  Distressed shipments are prioritized on the dashboard regardless of carrier so you always know (in a quick, single view) which shipments require immediate attention.

Pick-up Alerts: Integrated with Intelliship (or other robust shipping systems), HALO knows to expect a pickup and will alert if the the pickup did not occur when expected (HALO can send an email to alert someone as well).


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HALO is part of our holistic approach to ensuring near perfect information regarding your transportation supply chain. Source Consulting offers a proprietary SaaS visibility system. HALO transforms transportation data into meaningful information so that transportation managers can see all shipments in motion with all carriers via a single interface. HALO goes well beyond other tracking systems in that it actively manages the information received from carriers, systems, personnel and even the national weather service, actively identifying which shipment need immediate attention. HALO access is available wherever there is an internet connection (SaaS), whether on your desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone. Together with Intelliship, our offer provides comprehensive transportation intelligence in real time for all-inbound and outbound shipments.

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Real-Time Reporting: Robust reporting allows you to view your transportation network as never before. Summary level dashlettes provide real-time management level visibility to all categories of moving freight. Among the many standard static reports, a few include: On-Time Delivery, Carrier Scorecard Summary, Carrier Metrics, Cost Analysis, and late Delivery Reason reports. The report interface also allows you to create your own, custom reports to mine the vast amount of data aggregated by HALO. All reports can be automatically delivered to your email box in Excel format, or created and viewed on-demand.

POD Capture: HALO records and stores the POD (Delivered) status of the shipment as well as the POD signer for each move (when provided by the carrier).


In tandem withIntelliship this system will enhance your transportation capabilities and dramatically increase the transportation business intelligence available while directly reducing transportation costs.